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Welcome CryptoFrenz🛸🚀🛸

To Mint from our Web3 DApp (Best with Desktop Versions)
Use your favorite Ethereum Wallet
or install MetaMask

and navigate to

inside a MetaMask secure browser or

Get the Chrome Extension,

You can also Mint directly from Etherscan
Write To Mint amount at .02 ETH (Each)

Mint delivers to your ETH Wallet ...
Find your NFT on Rariable, OpenSea,
and CoinbaseNFT as an ERC721 A Token.

Flex It, Flip It, Gift it or Burn It!
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Play Play Art Collections.

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Road Map is under the seat in the VW Bus

See our beginning, here, on TestNET....>> This NFT was started as an after school art project, to help kiddos' understand "layers"...

Proceeds to Play Play Play™ NFT art go towards Crypto Education and Development funds...

Our family team was started during the online COVID-19 education movement ...

We're all here, first and foremost, for the Art, Encouragement, and Crypto DeFi Interest.
We're joining the growing Crypto NFT community with you;
and more importantly, spreading WAGMI Positivity
via ERC721 Token NFT Art and Collectible ETHereum Trading.
What is Ethereum? What Is Cryptocurrency

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Thank You all for the LOVE, Encouragement and Support!
Block Token Purchases are nonrefundable.
🦄🚀 Our Journey is Forever My CryptoFren🛸
Block Party is a MUST!
Let's Trade WAGMI Positivity!
Each ERC721 Allows your entry into Art and Party Exclusives, along with new NFT Drop Access and FREE Airdrops from Current Gallery!
Email Us @playplayplay

In the meantime,
please remember,

1 PLAY DAMSEL™ Token will secure your location in our registry and allow printing of your collectible.

Your IPFS Stored and Blockchain Verified NFT is available for Printing from our catalog WAGMI.SHOP
You're part of the PlayPlayPlay™

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